# 1

Go to our e-shop to order your Smiling Mask.

You will then receive a confirmation email and an order number.

Commandez votre masque personnalisé en ligne

# 2

Download our application by clicking on the link provided on the thank you page after validation of your payment or in the order confirmation email

Commandez votre masque personnalisé en ligne !

# 3

Once the application is downloaded follow the steps, take a picture of yourself in our application and create your mask in less than 2 minutes.

Imprimez votre visage sur votre masque réutilisable !


We prepare your order!

Faites-vous livrer votre masque personnalisé chez vous !


You will receive your package within
10 days


Keep the smile! Wear a Smiling Mask

During this period which changed our lifestyle, wearing a mask has become essential but poses the problem of identity.

We become difficult to identify, no more smiles, noses, lipstick or even beards. How do we get our face back ?


Uncheck your best smile and personalize your Smiling Mask with your printed face!


“Smile! You are masked! "

Be fun and create a Smiling Mask for every situation!